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Outstanding Women of the Past and Present


In honor of Women's History Month, I would like to invite you to join us as we pay tribute to women of the past and present that have contributed to the social, cultural, and economic progress of the nation.  Without these women, and women like them, our nation would not be what and where it is today.  Through their strength, courage, compassion and vision they have made, and are making, a difference. 


Phillis Wheatley

The unique story of the first African-American woman to have her writings published.

The 6888th Central Postal Battalion

The “6888” has a long list of “firsts” and accomplishments to its credit. The “6888” was the first and ONLY all women battalion to be deployed overseas.

Sarah Louise Keys

An Unsung Hero in the Fight for Civil Rights

A Story of Quiet Courage

Capt. Gail Harris (Ret. US Navy)

U.S, Navy Intelligence Officer & Author of "A Woman's War"

Maj. Shawna R. Kimbrell

1st African American Female Fighter Pilot in the US Air Force

Judge Ernestine S. Gray

Child Advocate: A Judge with a Heart 

Laura Thompson

This modern day Renaissance woman, who has taken on the enormous task of addressing the issue of children and literacy, uses the power of collaboration and seamless proactive impact, to change outcomes. 


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