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Edwards Ministerial Association, Inc.

Edwards Ministerial Association Board Members



In the spotlight this month is Edwards Ministerial Association, Inc. (EMA). EMA is a Texas based 501(c)3 Non-Profit association that has a long standing record of bringing hope into the lives of those they serve.
Among the many programs and services organized and provided by EMA are scholarships to assist the educational pursuits of: 
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Underprivileged Students
  • and Seminary Students.

They are dedicated to providing ministerial services, spiritual support and educational scholarships to men and women representing over thirty associations in four major areas:

  • Ministry to Veterans Service Organizations
  • Ministry to Educational Institutions
  • Ministry to Civic Organizations
  • Ministry to Law Enforcement Institutions


Originally founded by Dr. Charles Edwards the organization now requires an extensive board to oversee and maintain its many programs and outreaches.  Each of these men and women give selflessly of themselves to ensure that EMA continues to meet the growing needs of those it serves:

Edwards Ministerial Association, Inc. Board Members


Dr. Charles W. Edwards, Jr, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Chaplain (Brigadier General), TXARNG (Retired)

COL (Ret) James H. Scott, President

LTC (Ret) Edward R. Fears, Vice President

Mrs. Lorena Jara-Ranno, Secretary

LTC (Ret) Duane A Cruz, Treasurer

Mr. Phillip Cook, Chaplain

Mrs., Angelyn B. Scott, Co-Chair Advisory Board

Mrs. Sharon Holland, Co-Chair Advisory Board

Mrs. Veatrice Cook, Co-Chair Advisory board

CSM (Ret) Stephanie Menefee, Co-Chair Advisory Board




It is the Mission of EMA, in Partnership with public and private organizations and institutions, to serve God by:  being a beacon of Light, a bridge of understanding, a tower of integrity and a castle of realized dreams.


Their vision is to provide spiritual leadership in connecting people and enriching lives.


By fostering the success of others EMA has touched countless lives.  They are a shining example of what can be accomplished when we work together in support of one another and make each other's success a priority.  We have featured them in this section because much of their work is done "Behind the Scenes", but their success can be seen in the betterment of the lives of those they serve. 

Our Heritage Magazine is a proud supporter of Edwards Ministerial Services and would like to invite you to support them as well.  Contact them and find out how you can help touch the lives of those they serve TODAY!


Edwards Ministerial Association
Phone:(210) 274-5841
or Mail you Inquiries or Donations to:
Post Office Box 151768
Austin, Texas 78715-1768


3 Responses to Spotlight: Edwards Ministerial Association, Inc

  • 1Life2Live says:

    Wonderful group doiing so much good for those that want to help others. Thank you for spreading the word about their work. I hope that people reading this will get involved and help make a difference.

  • Jasper C. Jornales says:

    Hi I'm a  pastor and at the same time involved in education as guidance counselor and valutes teacher. How can I be part of this ministry? Thanks for your reply.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Pastor Jornales! Please feel free to contact the Edwards Ministerial Association at (210) 274-5841 for ways that you can participate in their wonderful ministry. Or you can email our editor:  Editor(at)  noting that you are interested in connecting with Edwards Min. Assoc. and how you can be reached and we will be happy to forward your information and interest in assisting the organization to them for you. Thank you for reaching out. They are truly an outstanding organization. ~~Our Heritage Magazine Staff

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