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OUR Heritage, OUR History, OUR Pride & OUR Legacy



W.E.B. DuBois  Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs


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  • J Patnode says:

    In the current social and political climate of our nation we need more voices like this site that are willing to enlighten the nation.

  • Bryce says:

    I found you through Pinterest and was amazed to see that your content actually supports the amazing images you have shared. So many other sites post images and then you visit the site and realize that they are only a way to draw you to the site and have no context within their content. Refreshing to see a site that markets itself with honesty and integrity. 

  • C McCord says:

    Your content is above and beyond the normal 200 word rhetoric that usually gets peddled as articles on the net. So first, thank you for providing some REAL reading. Secondly, thank you for opening my eyes to how much I don't know about my own culture.  I had no idea that there had been so much over looked when I was taught our nation's history. Mind you, when I walked the halls of high school it was more than a decade or two ago, but I am not quite certain that today's curriculum is really that much more complete in its education of this generation on the nation's full history. In light of that, I think there will be a growing need for people to receive the same wake up call I have: finding out just how much they don't know. When that happens, I hope that more people find you as I have and begin to dig deeper into our people's place in history. Thank you for leading the way.

  • HistoryMysterySlueth says:

    I am an African American teacher teaching middle school U.S. history and am constantly looking for ways to engage my students and expand their exposure to our nations rich and colorful history beyond what the text book provides.  I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the vivid and engaging material I have found here. With Black History Month around the corner, I have looked at several sources online.  Many are either flat and read more like a thesis, provide inaccurate information or are charged with too much political bias to present to my students.  In your site I have found many articles with fantastic graphics (which is the first key to getting my students attention and I usually have to create my own) nd accurate information written in a way that provokes thought and discussion in the classroom. If you have any experience with pre-teen and teen students I am sure you can appreciate the difficulty in engaging them in history. I appreciate your site and plan to share it with my fellow teachers as a resource as well. Sincere thanks, Mr. E. Ryan.

  • R. Pache says:

    I was a military brat growing up and now I am a soldier myself, so I am a little prejudice as to the influence of the military I guess..  However, I feel it was the constant and consistant example of honor, integrity and respect that was a strong influence in my life and made me who I am.  It sounds like these gentleman have made it their mission to take this same influence and use it in the civilian world.  I am just a few years from retirement and these gentleman are a great reminder that we can all continue to serve.

  • Jessie Kling says:

    I usually browse several sites as I have my morning coffee and I this morning I have spent it entirely on this site. Very rare to find a single source with so many "real" stories that aren't just fodder for the tabloids. Thank you for the uplifting start to my day!

  • Col J Blanch says:

    I am a Veteran and not that I don't appreciate those who support us and our currently serving brothers and sisters in arms, but it is nice to see a focus put on those of us that are out there making a difference. We may not be "active" on the roster, but there are thousands of us that are "active duty" on the rosters for serving other veterans and our communities.  Thank you for bringing Dr. Edwards and Colonel Scott to the forefront.  They seem to be fine examples of what we are capable of doing as Veterans on the homefront. Thank you!

  • Luisazef says:

    Thank you for recognizing and drawing attention to the achievements and contributions of our people. It is rare to see such promotion of our culture that invites conversation and motivates to correct the wrongs of history when possible instead of merely saying "someone should address this issue" and passing the buck as so often happens. I have followed you since I first saw your magazine on Michael's facebook page and am continually imprressed. I have printed and signed the petition for Col Young and thank you for bringing his story to light.

  • Just Sayin' says:

    What a powerful message from Ms. Crew. It is about as plain as the noses on our faces that we are not following the one rule that has to be followed if we are to succeed: We must help each other up and stop pushing each other down. I would like to take it just once step further and state that not only in business, but in every aspect of our lives and through out our entire society. If we are to be the nation that stands tall we must stop trampling each other down to try to get to the top. Take Ms. Crew’s advice and start working together. Each person will achieve more if we are striving for it together.

  • Malicai R. says:

    This is a blight on our country’s record. I am a firm believer that if you make a mistake you own up to it and then you do what is necessary to make it right. As a nation we wronged Col. Young and as a nation we should come together to correct this injustice. I have printed out the petition and I am mailing it today. Thank you for all that you do to bring out the best and the brightest of our heritage, while also being unafraid to bring to the forefront the injustices. I deeply respect the way you present positive ways to step forward and correct injustices by joining together instead of trying to incite division and resentment. THANK YOU AND MY DEEPEST RESPECT!!

  • Rev Price says:

    There is never a time that there is an excuse not to stand up and make yourself heard when you see an injustice that is being or was done to another human being. We are to look out and care for our Brothers and Sisters. Col. Young’s plight is an injustice that was carried out decades ago, bu that makes it no less important to correct. Our nation is only as good as our word and our honor. There is no honor in allowing this injustice to stand. A hero that ultimately died because of his refusal to “stand down” from serving his country. He gave us immeasurable service that resulted in countless lives being saved on numerous occasions. The least we can do is honor is his dedication and recognize the rank he is rightfully deserves. STAND UP AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN PEOPLE! and a special thank you to Our Heritage for standing up for what is right and just. A rare thing in media today. Thank you.

  • Rosella Ross says:

    I followed the link from Pinterest and just had to say THANK YOU! This is truly a treausre. Such a unique combination of yesterday and today with no gossip and no gratuitous insitement of anger or hate. The net could use more of this!

  • Armon T says:

    Thank you for addressing the plight of Colonel Young. There are far too many stories like his that go untold and unaddressed by people with a voice. Thank you for using your voice to make a difference.

  • Maoria J says:

    In looking into the historical injustice imposed upon Colonel Young I came acrooss this site. Much to my surprise I have found not only are you helping to spread the word about the injustice imposed on him and pushing to have it corrected, but there is so much more here. I have never seen a site that has such a mixture of history and modern-day, especially with such a positive focus. I have clicked every where there is to click and everything I read is enlightening and encouraging. Who would have thought you could talk about the topic of Blacks in the Civil War in a way that did not incite animosity, but instead reflection on what you might have chosen in your ancestor's shoes. I love the site and I love your foot hold in the modern world while reaching back into our story as a people in days past! Thank you!!!!!

  • Moje Delo says:

    Great Site! I have been a regular visitor of your site for quite some time and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for presenting the stories of those who have been treated unjustly and for sharing history as it was. Many times the history of our great cuntry is told only in bits and pieces with the contributions of people like Col. Young very rarely making it into the account. Thak you for helping to set the records straight. That is why I always find myself coming back.

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