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W.E.B. DuBois  Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs


618 Responses to Our Cover Page

  • Ranzo says:

    Thanks for keepin' it real! That Straight Up No Chaser column is pretty real and to the point. More importantly everything here seems real. Real people helping people. Real stories about real heroes who served our country even when it disrespected them. No fake Hollywood drama. No hating. No sensationalism. Just real. Uncommon in this day and age. Peace and Prosperity to you my Brothers and Sisters.

  • Demar says:

    Thank you for the insightful look at Kwanzaa. I had never known much about it and what I did know seemed confusing and very tedious, but was embarrased to ask my friends who celebrate it what they gained from it spiritually.  I have a new found appreciation for it and now can relate better to my friends that celebrate it.Thank you.

  • Rebecca says:

    Found your site through a copy of your magazine that I found at the VA. Great Site! Never seen this combination of past and present, military and civilian, visual and text. Great concept!

  • Rita says:

    Thank you for the connection on LinkedIn. I am originally from San Anotnio and I am excited to see such a great representation of the diversity of our people rising from my home town! MUCH SUCCESS TO YOU!!

  • J. Wirthington says:

    The Colonel Young plight is one that more people should realize is an important point in moving us forward to where we are today. It is the over-and-above charactor and strength of men and women like him that made it possible for the better known civil leaders to rise up with ground to stand on. Thank you for bringing his story to the masses

  • Chance Reeve says:

    FANTASTIC site and magazine! We have a long way still to go as a nation, but we are making progress and uncensored publications like this are great examples! Too many of our people and the nation at large think that all there is to our nation and its many diverse peoples' history is what is taught in high school history classes, which is a very narrow, usually biased, and always censored version. Thank you for bringing our people's culture, history and heroes to the forefront of our nation's awareness! 

  • E Monty says:

    GREAT SITE! I appreciate your support of veterans and the organizations that are serving them. I especially appreciate your support of the NABVETS organization.They were responsible for helping to get my claim put through.I don't think I could have done it without them. Please keep spreading the word about veterans and the people and groups that are helping us.MANY THANKS! ——Everett

  • Dawn Boulware says:

    I love the new look! I passed along the petition for Young and encourage other readers to do so as well.  This is a wrong that can be righted if we all make ourselves heard!!!

  • Jarimiah says:

    I really enjoy reading articles that make me think. I have read several articles on this site and all of them in one way or another make me think. It's refreshing to find  a site that is both thought provoking and positive. Even the topics that could very easily be considered volatile are approached in a manner that evokes thought and promotes unity for prosperity, not violence or division. Truly inspirational. I look forward to receiving your newsletter and future articles.

  • Semper Fi says:

    I just realized that my comment and call to action will only display on the botom of the page I left it. Please read this article and help right this wrong. http://ourheritagemagazine.com/our-heritage-magazine-online/colonel-charles-young/ I pledge my support and encourage others to do the same to bring recogonition to a trailblazer that in spite of the cards being stacked against him remained faithful to our country far beyond the point that most men would have walked away. PRINT THE RESOLUTION!! GET THE SIGNATURES!! DEMAND THIS INJUSTICE TO BE CORRECTED!! DO IT TODAY!!!!

  • James says:

    Thank you for supporting the movement to finally allow Col Young the rank and recognition that is rightfully his.

  • A friend shared Col Young's story with me. There are too many times in our history as a nation where race and or nationality vs. talent, skill and effort are the deciding factor in promotions and recognition. Thank you for bringing this injustice to my attention. I have also forwarded the email to everyone on my contacts list. I hesitated at first to send to all my contacts, but then I decided if they couldn't handle having an injustice such as this pointed out to them that I didn't need them as a contact. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I hope to help right this wrong. Thank you for being willing to stand up and speak up against injustices such as this. ~~Raymond Lawerence

  • J Richardson says:

    Civil Rights Civil Wrongs has got to be one of the most straight forward articles I have read in quitte some time. I found you while searching Dubois and now I do believe I am hooked. Great article and great site.

  • Nita says:

    I’m impressed! Rarely do I encounter a site that’s both educative and entertaining. Yours is one of those rare exceptions. Your concept is outstanding. Not enough individuals are talking intelligently about the postive things that we have done throughout the recorded history of this nation. We must educate people in a way that they enjoy learning so that they will continue to seek and learn the truth and in turn share that knowledge with others. Thank you for being a catalyst for positive conversations about our contributions.

  • This is the type of site that we need more of. Insightful articles such as Civil Rights Civil Wrongs, Negritude in the 21st Century &The Great Migration, to name a few, are what people should be reading instead of about the latest "wardrobe malfunction" or the ongoing parade of celebrities that promote irresponsability and lacking morals. Thank you for not giving into the societal pressure to promote that detrimental trash. Much success to you! — Lamonte Brown

  • Keep Real says:

    Just a word of encouragement… I have been watching you since we first connected on LinkedIn almost 6 months ago. In all of that time I have not once seen you promote anything unseemly or immoral and that is novel in today's day and age. I have enjoyed all of your articles and am always glad to see when you post a new commentary. Keep up the great work!

  • LikeIt or LeaveIt says:

    Thank you for the many months of excellent reading and especially the unusual images, I just passed this onto a colleague who is also a culture and history buff. He bought me lunch because I found it for him (smile) Therefore let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! LOL Seriously though, I do appreciate your efforts. Thank you for picking up the torch.

  • Pronbrede says:

    Too many of our country’s warriors’ heroism and sacrifices have been lost and forgotten through the passage of time. It’s uplifting to see people do something to change that in cases like SFC Early. Thank you for your attention to our veterans and their memories. I read the article on SFC Early and watched the video. VERY POWERFUL!

  • Denise Trease says:

    What a wonderful tribute to our women! We need more women like these and more importantly we need to introduce the lives of these women as role models for our youth. Thank you for recognizing that women have and do play a magor role in our country’s history.

  • Fabienne Herman says:

    What a fantastic site! I found you while researching MLK and civil rights and have now spent almost 2 hours reading and admiring the sharp images. Great work!

  • Victoria says:

    Living in Illinois, I found this site by following a link from Pinterest. Glad I did. Nice site and great images, but most of all I appreciate the positive dedication to our people. Keep up the GREAT Work!

  • Drake Scott says:

    Hey. Just a short comment letting you know that your magazine is outstandingly written and I was pleased to find that your site is just as impressive. Talented writers telling truly interesting non-hype non-celebrity stories. I came here to read the article on Civil Rights Civil Wrongs from a magazine in my break room. The article is definitely a great a read. FRESH AND UNIQUE!

  • Malique says:

    I am officially a fan of your Straight Up No Chaser section, Tasteful but in your face and to the point is a rare thing today unless someone is pointing the finger at someone. Here the only finger being pointed is in the mirror and its a call to unity not division. It should be required reading for anyone old enough to understand it.

  • Dr. Muncie says:

    I was very happy to discover this website. I am a history buff by nature, however my biggest interest lies in African-American history and the road our people have traveled to become who we are today. Very rare to find a source that provides access to both visual and textual information in an entertaining way that is not loaded with negativity and derision. Thank you!

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