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OUR Heritage, OUR History, OUR Pride & OUR Legacy



W.E.B. DuBois  Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs


618 Responses to Our Cover Page

  • Alanna Zervas says:

    Hey commenters and everyone else !!! This site is absolutely wonderful!We need to spread the word and help build this thing up.I can tell they are not in it for the money, but to educate and encourage growth in our culture. Keep commenting and spreading the links to these wonderful images and articles to your friends.I am sharing with all of mine!We as a people need to support those who support us and our culture!

  • Shanta Menitz says:

    Hey, Nice articles! I found you while researching for my thesis on the journey of African American women. I am magoring in cultural science and I cannot believe with all of the media that I read that this is the first time I have seen this site. It won’t be the last though. You are book marked and I will be following you. Congratulations on such a wonderful publication!

  • Lemuel Kneser says:

    My wife and I had a slight disagreement about the accuracy of your statement on the medals of honor awarded after WW2 to blacks. I could not believe it when I checked your facts. You are correct. This comment is a result of losing that bet. I learned 4 things tonight- 1. I still have a lot to learn. 2. Your site is full of interesting and verifiable FACTS. 3. When my wife says “wanna bet?” she is probably right. 4. She really enjoys me having to publicly admit I was wrong. LOL Seriously though, I really appreciate the service of education that you are providing. Thank you.

  • Jerod R says:

    I am just begining to learn about Juneteenth and its significance.It is a shame that even my parents had no idea of the origin or meaning behind it.If African Americans don’t take the time to learn and pass on their own story and culture it will be forgotten completely.Thank you for keeping our heritage and culture in the forfront and helping people like me to realize where and whom we come from.We truly are overcomers.

  • Nate Heldsie says:

    Mr. Fagan, I was sent by a friend of mine who said he met you at a convention with his old paratrooper buddies and wanted me to read the article about healthcare by Dr. McCoone. First I would like to say that anybody who hasn’t read it should! Then they should contact every state and federal representative they are a constituent of and demand that this type of solution be examined. Secondly I wanted to say that I have watched the slide show and read most of the other posts and I want to congratulate you on such a unique publication.

  • R Saine says:

    Hi! I’ve been following Our Heritage for some time and just want to give you a shout out via Porter Texas… I learn something new about myself and our culture and history every time I visit. THANK YOU!!!!

  • SgtLatting says:

    I am writing to let you know what an exceptional encounter we had with our teen going through your site. There are so many issues she was unaware of and we had the opportunity to discuss the importance of her generation continuing the work of the generations before them. We as African Americans have a variety of torturous things in our history, but there are many positive things that we have brought forward and brought into fruition. Thanks for helping us to impart this to Julie. I hope many others take advantage of the opportunity you provide to promote positive interaction about issues that are so difficult to address in a positive productive way.

  • CultureSeeker says:

    I decided that for Labor Day I was going to eat what ever I wanted, lounge around, surf the web and sleep.  The biggest thing being SLEEP!  Tonight however, I have been glued to this site and am still having to make myself get up from the computer to go to bed.  I have been on the phone with various family members directing them to the site so we can read and discuss it together. It is now around 1:00 A.M. my time and I am still sitting in front of my computer reading this site!! To put that in perspective: I am normally in bed asleep by 9:00 p.m because I have to be up at 3:00 a.m. to get to work.  Normally if i try to stay up later by 9:30 I cannot hold my eyes open. I work 6 days a week and still if I were honest would have to admit that I could not really afford to go anywhere or visit anyone for the holiday without worrying I was spending money that I might need if my company downsizes again. (That is a sad statement about the state of this economy in and of its self.)   But BACK TO THE POINT:  Your site has kept me glued to my computer and has also given me the opportunity to have some meaningful as well as humorous discussions with my family members that I other wise would not have even talked to this weekend. Even if I had visited them in person I don't think we would have had some of the meaningful conversations that we had tonight, nor would I have probably learned so much about what the world was like through my mother's and uncle’s eyes as children.  That discussion was brought on by the slideshow on this page that has the segregated bus depot.  Thank you for being REAL!! and giving me the best "visit" I could have had with my mother, sister and Uncle.  All of which are spread across the United States by the way.

  • Rob Demonett says:

    I wish that someone in Washington would listen to What Dr. McCune has proven works. There are answers to our healthcare crisis, but a solution will never be accomplished until more people start to think like Dr. McCune and start taking action towards correcting the situation instead of waiting on Washington. Washington playing games of “I will do this if you do that” is going to land us in a situation that will cost many their lives due to no health care and in a nation where you have as many wealthy as the US does, that is absolutely unacceptable.http://ourheritagemagazine.com/mathew-walker-md/

  • Rene' says:

    I wanted to thank you for providing true content that is neither biased or based on the latest gossip. It is a very unusual find in this day and age to find this type of journalism and when you do find it, it is usually so full of commercial pop-ups and advertising that you can’t hardly read the article. I have subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to following you.

  • N Agey says:

    I saw Our Heritage Magazine Online while I was browsing on the web and I just wanted to say I have never seen anything like this site. It is such a unique blend of yesterday and today. GREAT STUFF!!

  • Scott says:

    Appreciate the amazing imagery in the slideshow above! Some of these pictures just blow me away. I am particularly given to deep thought and thankfulness for the freedoms we have to today when I look at the image of the bus depot. Thank you for preserving our history and reminding us that we have a legacy to uphold!

  • Carlos Pawluk says:

    Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy the site. Rare to find a site that is both entertaining and enlightening. I have recommended this site to everyone on my facebook.

  • Reese Kobold says:

    I like the no nonsense article “Mathew Walker”. I would reccomend it to anyone that is interested in the state of healthcare.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks i love your article on the Second Time Around. I think that the basic principal that it represents in business is also true of most things in life.

  • Ron Frazier says:

    Admiring the dedication put into the site appearance as well as the in-depth information u provide… It’s nice to come across a different website once in a while that is not identical unwanted re-spun information about celebrities making fools of themselves in public or who is wearing the latest and greatest outfit. There is real substance here! A rare commodity these days when all the sites are hopping on the latest “he said / she did” bandwagon just to get ratings on the search engines. Please stay a place that I can continue to refer my friends and family to without fear of them reading some type of hyped up trash.

  • jocuri milin says:

    I just wanted to give you some feed back on the new image at the top next to your logo and menu style. This site has always been a great design, but I noticed the new image first thing when I logged on and this new menu makes a noticable difference in trying to read the titles of pages. I took the liberty of enlarging my screen so that I could see the detail of that image when it came up in the slide show and it really is a wonderful piece of art. I don’t know how you find the images that you have on this site, but to be honest they are as interesting to me as the actual content.

  • M Bullock says:

    I found this site while doing some family ancestry research and am delighted to find such a wonderful site that relates to our culture of both the past and present and brings them together.

  • Historyville USA says:

    I agree with the lady who posted that this slideshow is a history lesson all in its own.I also want to say that I have read the article on our healthcare system and find it very interesting.The disparity in healthcare is shameful and it is time for that to come to an end.With all of the discussions in the political arena on healthcare we can only pray that there are enough players in the discussion that recognize this disparity to make a difference when it come to decision time.

  • F Aigle says:

    Great site! Love the color scheme and the ease of navigation. Very clean and easy on the eyes. I have been on here for over an hour reading and looking at pictures and my eyes do not feel the least bit strained. Great job!

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