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 Alvin C Fagan

Our Heritage Magazine was created to be a vehicle for celebrating our ancestors and raising public awareness of the rich heritage of the African-American people and the valuable contributions made to society over the past centuries. Since the premiere issue of Our Heritage Magazine rolled off the press in 1994, the publishers dedicated themselves to offering a publication of the highest quality that is inclusive of people of all types who have affected African-American culture in a positive manner. To that end the magazine featured ordinary people doing extraordinary things - people of strength, character, and dignity to profile and to hold up as models for young Black Americans.
Our Heritage Magazine Online is a bi-monthly publication which not only spotlights great people but also shines a different light on major issues of the day – from health issues to the Negro Baseball League – from amazing women they dubbed “sheroes” to other leaders of Black America, such as the late Reverend Claude Black, who led his congregation and the Black community in San Antonio, Texas for more than 50 years. Our Heritage Magazine has also spotlighted such luminaries as the late Dr. Dorothy I. Height, former President of the National Council of Black Women and Faye Williams, who presently holds that position. 
After a 10-year hiatus, the Premiere Edition of Our Heritage Magazine Online has been launched into cyberspace, continuing its previous high caliber writing and fascinating topics. The Publisher has this message for all the previous readers of Our Heritage Magazine and for all those who are just finding out about this exciting magazine:
“The new Our Heritage Magazine Online website represents another very exciting step forward for our publication. We have always applied the factors that make a good magazine a better magazine. Now, using the latest in web design and technology, as well as the burgeoning social networking media, we will apply our newest and best skills to make Our Heritage Magazine Online not just better – but the best! We value and appreciate your loyalty more than anything. We are proud to say that in re-launching Our Heritage Magazine, we will continue stories from small town America and we have added two very interesting features to this new online edition.
“We thank you so much for all the inquiries you have made about the re-launching of Our Heritage Magazine, and we want to assure all of our readers that Our Heritage Magazine Online will continue to promote cultural awareness of the African-American heritage. We will continue to bring you informative, empowering, and positive feature stories about Main Street America.         
“We ask that you tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you would like to see in our Premiere and future issues. Please add our website http://ourheritagemagazine.com to your “Favorites” and come back often to see the updates. We are focused on creating an online community through our website that we hope will be a resource for our young readers as well as provide them with strong and positive role models. Using the positive examples of such great African Americans as the late Rosa Parks and Black World War II heroes who have finally been accorded the honor and justice they deserve, we are committed to using our pages to empower and enable 21st century Black America’s dreams of hope, progress, and fair play to take the place of a community embroiled in crises.
“To this end, the Our Heritage Magazine Onlinewebsite will be updated regularly with positive feature stories, little known black history facts, articles promoting good health and well-being – just about everything from our ancestry to our future. Our Heritage Magazine Online is your ‘open book’ where you can read about those who have paved the way for you to be who you are and what you can become.”        
Alvin C. Fagan, Publisher
Our Heritage Magazine

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